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Take control of your future

 Do you ever feel uncertain about your future? Trying to figure out what career is right for you? or Just looking to set new goals? We can assist.



Welcome to MPower 

MPower is a mentoring, coaching and planning company. We are a non-profit organization whose mission is to connect, educate, and create empowered youth.


At MPower, we embrace everyone's history and diversity. We believe these differences showcase everyone's unique experiences and skillsets. Throughout our program, we openly discuss general politics, societal stereotypes, cultural stigmas, personal hardships, and all other potential blocks that could stop you from succeeding. At Mpower, we work closely with each client, we focus on ways to reframe our thoughts and bring change to any outdated traditions and the way we handle them. In our program, we help you become more open-minded, think beyond the limits of your environment and learn to thrive in any social setting. We strategize on building our clients to their highest levels. Through strong commitments to constant self-growth and self-awareness, ultimately creating an empowered you. 


Our clients are predominately students and young adults. Those who are planning out their post-secondary, post-grad, and or pre-career goals out. However, we are not limited to anyone else who may benefit from our program.


MPower has teamed up with local business owners, industry professionals, and post-secondary graduates. This keeps us up to date with the newest learning opportunities, the latest trends and connecting you with the best mentors, with real-life experience. Our program is fully inclusive and provides learning at each stage. Check out our bios for more information.


In addition to our mentorship program, we like to partner with other organizations to co-host awareness campaigns and providing community and volunteer work for the region.


Support That Makes a Difference


Post Secondary Planning 

Choosing the right career is always harder than it looks. We all want to do something that's satisfying and fulfilling. Whether you want to make a difference in the world or just make a difference in your wallet, you first have to start with a plan. At MPower, we personalize an academic plan for your career through a realistic approach. We go over job types, salaries, and requirements that interest you. Our resources and program will help guide you to achieve the most out of your personal and professional aspirations.

Degree to Career Transition 

So you finally finished school and got yourself a diploma, a degree or post-grad education.  By now, most of you are excited and ready to find work. This is where we help you connect the dots. MPower teaches you how to build professional connections, gain exposure and utilize your academic portfolio to find meaningful work. We've all been down this road before and our industry experts and professionals help you through this stage. 

Personal Finance 

It's no secret that money makes the world go around and although you may not be able to predict the next big stock or control the rate of inflation, you can learn and understand how the economy works. We teach you how to make and manage money. Just like an instrument, you first have to learn to play it before you can use it, the same applies to your finances. We provide strategic financial plans for long and short term investments, GIC, Mutual funds investments, and prepare you for designing retirement plans. 

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Fitness and Nutrition 

We are all built to be competitive, adventurous and curious by nature. Mastering your health and fitness is a crucial part of your growth, as it enhances your self-love and confidence. Being fit requires discipline and dedication, and this skill will keep you ready for life's challenges. Your body is your temple, treat it with respect. We use certified programs to create a fitness and meal program tailored to your needs.  

Life Balance 

Spending quality time with your loved ones or just with yourself is what often leads to a healthier and happier work-life balance. It's true not everyone you care about has the same goals or passion as you. We teach you how to set out time to be tentative to your friends and family where ever you may be. Planning and being proactive at finding this balance will keep your relationships in good standings, and also allow you to pursue what you are passionate about.

Youth Coaching and Mentorship

When you’re young, your friends have a big influence on you. By harnessing the power of friendship, peer mentoring helps encourage lifestyles for kids who need guidance and a helping hand. Our youth programs enable young mentors who want to transform lives. Stand-up as a role model, activity partner, friend, and help mentees realize their full potential. 

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